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Green Hornet #1!

Gold Key's terrific The Green Hornet comic book ran for three issues, written by Paul Newman and drawn by Dan (Space Family Robinson) Spiegle. The stories developed plot elements highly reminiscent of the great TV episodes.

Space Family Robinson #1  Dan Spiegle art!

Rich newspaper publisher Britt Reid, fights crime as the outlaw The Green Hornet, along with his sidekick Kato who uses martial arts with weapons like gas guns, getting around in their tricked out car, the Black Beauty.

The Green Hornet #1  "Ring of Terror"  takes on criminals who use a drug to make upstanding citizens cooperate in their crimes, with no memory of what they have done, including no less than Frank Scanlon!

There are profile features on The Green Hornet, Kato and Lenore Casey Case (Britt Reid's other associate.) 

Green Hornet #2!

The Green Hornet #2  "Threat of the Red Dragons"  is a full length story is set in "Chinatown" where a gang of toughs is extorting money from people, by threatening relatives, still residing in Communist China. The Green Hornet finds that identifying their leader is easier said than done.

Green Hornet #3!

The Green Hornet #3  "The Counterplot Affair"  involved the child prince of an oil-rich middle-eastern kingdom is targeted for overthrow while visiting The Green Hornet's city.

The second story in this issue  "Masquerade"  find our heroes attending a charity benefit/masquerade ball as the The Green Hornet and his associate. Britt Reid (The Green Hornet) and Kato find two other people dressed the same way robbing the place.

Frank Thorne then!
Frank Thorne now!
There have been a number of notable artists handling the Green Hornet over the years. Frank Thorne drew Four Color #496 with Paul S. Newman writing. Yes, that Frank (Red Sonja) "The Wizard" Thorne! 

This has to be in your Steranko collection!

A number of my favorite Now Comics' The Green Hornet covers showcase artwork by Jim (Nick Fury Artist Edition) Steranko, Neal (Batman) Adams, Bill (Elektra, Moon Knight) Sienkiewicz and Val (Kato, Young Master) Mayerik. 

Along came a Green Hornet paperback novel written by Ed Friend (aka Richard Wormser) based on an episode of the TV series. He also wrote a paperback novel adaption of an episode of The Wild Wild West as well. 

Ed Friend/Richard Wormser's The Wild Wild West novel!
Green Hornet looks like actor Will Patton!

Whitman Books came out with a young adult hardback novel of The Green Hornet written by Brandon (Man from U.N.C.L.E. Gentle Saboteur Affair) Keith.

DC Comics' Batman Meets The Green Hornet is fantastic! It really captures the flair of both TV series. Kudos!

Snappy logo!

And who could forget the Jazz great Al Hirt performance of "Flight of the Bumblebee" for the theme music to the TV series! Great stuff! They don't have theme songs like that anymore. Shame!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Great magazine if you can get a hold of one.
Batman & Green Hornet by Norm Breyfogle

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