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The Mod Squad was a eight issue Dell Comics series, drawn by Jose (Yellow Submarine) Delbo, with great photo covers of the team. 

Popular photos of the cast!

Captain Adam Greer led the team of counterculture teens, The Mod Squad, consisting of Pete Cochran, Julie Barnes and Linc Hayes. "The times are changing," said Captain Greer (shown on cover of #4.) "They can get into places we can't." The show was loosely based on a true story. 

Linc's famous "solid" and "keep the faith" were among the current-day slang used on the show.

A pilot film was shot, running time 74 minutes, but never aired in its entirety. The film was edited and aired as the series first episode.

Mod Squad #1  Assignment Danger! Undercover Cops...Danger is Their Bag!
"The Deadly Skies"
The trio are sent to investigate the death of a sky diver who dies during a jump just before he testified in the Condese trial. Taking some sky diving lessons themselves, they are eventually forced at gunpoint to sky dive with Condese into Mexico.
"Nobody's Angels"
The Mod Squad infiltrates a biker gang, Mephisto's Mob.

Mod Squad #2  Kidnap!! or is it?
"In an effort to combat the type of crime that hurts and cripples youth..." 
The squad's out to bust a million-dollar marijuana-smuggling racket at the local drag strip. 
"Being an undercover cop is a two edged sword..."
The trio fakes a kidnapping to expose a crooked informer.

Mod Squad #3  Groovey! Outasite! Adventure!
"Shadow in the Water"
Pete, Linc and Julie investigaes stolen cars being dumped in a lake.
"Take a Dive"
The Mod Squad investigates corupt boxing matches

Mod Squad #4  The Squad Uncovers Sinister Plot! The Dove of Peace is Dead!
"The Plot that Failed"

Mod Squad #5  Roadblock! Stop the Madman with a Gun!
"Beach Buggy Bash"
"Flip Out"

Mod Squad #6   A Mad Plot of Life and Death!
"Does Their Thing!"

Mod Squad #7 was a reprint of #1.

Mod Squad #8 was a reprint of #2.

Don't mess with the Thing!

The Mod Squad is even referenced by The Thing in Chapter 3: Through The Negative Zone! of Deadpool, Vol. 4 #20 "Hey, who wants a clobbering? I'm watching The Mod Squad."

1st book in the series, dynamite cover!

There were original paperback novels based on the TV show, published by Pyramid and Pinnacle Books. Whitman Books came out with two hardcover novels.

Not sure if there is a complete run, but there has been a DVD release of at least the first couple of seasons of the Mod Squad. Always loved the cool theme song!

Never seen this before, wish I had!

Some of the cool merchandizing done with the Mod Squad was a nice looking Aurora scale model of the 1951 Mercury Woodie. 

There was a Viewmaster slide set and set of trading cards (back when they included bubble gum!)

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Michael Cole in 2010!
Fan with Peggy Lipton in 2010!

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