Thursday, March 12, 2015


Charlton Comics presented the origin of Countess Von Bludd in Scary Tales #1 sporting a great Joe (E-Man) Staton cover. She was created by Nicola Cuti & Joe Staton and went on to appear in an introduction in Monster Hunter #1


Scary Tales #1  
Three kids sneak into a Haunted House and meet Countess Von Bludd. 
Written by Nicola Cuti with Joe (Six Million Dollar Man) Staton art. 

"The Vampire's Bride"
A castle is terrorized by a vampire.
Story is narrated by Countess Von Bludd.  
Written by Joe Gill with art by Sanho (Yang) Kim.

"The Wedding Gift"
The story of how Countess Von Bludd became a vampire.
Demetrio Sánchez Gómez artwork. 
Page numbers start with #2. There are 12 pages numbered 2 thru 13. 

Scary Tales #3
"The Card of Death"
Demetrio Sánchez Gómez artwork. 
Cover by Tom Sutton. 
Monster Hunter #1
 Colonel Whiteshroud shows Countess Von Bludd around the Monster Hunters Club.   

Scary Tales #1 was also published under the Modern Comics' imprint. This series is reprints of the same series from Charlton. According to other reports, these were produced to be sold specifically in comic 3-packs.

I enjoyed the origin story, if it had been black and white, could have been straight out of an issue Creepy or Eerie. Other than the covers by Joe Staton, couple by Tom Sutton and Don Newton, there was not much to look forward to from the Countess. 

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