Friday, April 10, 2015


Another of Steve Ditko's characters -- The Shag! -- shows up the Ditko's World Featuring Static & Ditko Package.  
A device implanted in Jay Oaker, working in Special Security Section at Starwide TV, enables him to become...the Shag! Somewhat reminiscent of the Creeper, although not quite so flamboyant. Shag faced a slew of villains. Not surprising, two of the stories were revisions of unfinished Creeper tales.

Ditko's World Featuring Static #1
"Shag and the Uglies"

Ditko Package
"Shag vs. the Smasher"
"Shag and the Uglies"
Reprinted from Ditko's World Featuring Static #1.
"The Secrets of the Universe"
Revision of an unfinished Creeper story.
"The Earthquaker"
Revision of an unfinished Creeper story.

I'm glad Ditko created the Shag, in order to bring to life the unfinished Creeper stories. I hate the thought of unpublished Ditko out there in the universe. It's inconceivable to me!

Now comes the search for the Ditko Package, one of the books I don't have in my collection. 

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  1. "Somewhat reminiscent" of the Creeper is an understatement! Shag IS the Creeper in all but name. Even his secret ID and occupation are basically Jack Ryder and the TV station with new names. But I don't care because I love love love the Creeper and Shag is a great way to get new Ditko Creeper stories, especially since DC has totally changed the Creeper into some mystical mumbo-jumbo fanged character I don't even recognize.

  2. P.S. I tracked down the Ditko Package very easily...might even still be available from whatever web site Robin Snyder sells Ditko stuff on.