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Under the Marvel Comics imprint Star Comics, Steve (Spider-Man, Daredevil) Ditko provided the great artwork on the first three issues of Chuck Norris & his Karate Kommandos mini-series, but unfortunately not all, Alex (Spider-Man) Saviuk handled the artistic chores on the last issue. The comic book series was marvelously written by Mary Jo (Power Man & Iron Fist) Duffy.

The Star Comic was a tie-in to the Chuck Norris Ruby-Spears cartoon, who gave us Thundarr the Barbarian!  Great vehicle to get kids to read comics!

Chuck Norris & his Karate Kommandos #1
"The Super Cruiser"
Cult of the Klaw ninjas capture Too Much's school class in order to force the government to give them their new Super Cruiser; Chuck Norris and the rest of the Kommandos spring into action to save their youngest member and keep the Cruiser out of enemy hands.
Art (Demon) Nichols inks. 
Mike (Punisher) Zeck & John Beatty cover.  

Chuck Norris & his Karate Kommandos  #2
Chuck Norris and the Kommandos try to keep the cutting edge Banana 7000 computer prototype out of the hands of the Cult of the Klaw.
Mike Esposito inks.
Mark Bright cover. 

Chuck Norris & his Karate Kommandos #3
"Tabe's Story"
Tabe helps the youngest members of the Kommandos work through some personal problems by telling them three different stories about the "first" time he met Chuck Norris.
Jon D'Agostino finishes & inks.
Tom Morgan & Mark McKenna cover.
Just not the same without Ditko!

The last issue found Sam de la Rosa inking Alex Saviuk pencils with an Alex Saviuk & Bob (New Mutants) McLeod cover.

Always liked Ken Barr covers!

Marvel Comics also featured Chuck Norris in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20 with a terrific Ken Barr painted cover.  

Who doesn't like Boris?

Heavy Metal Vol 9 #8 also contains a feature on Chuck Norris, oddly enough. Another fantastic cover, this one was done by Boris Vallejo.  

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Nothing like a line of action figures!
Now that's a weapons pack!


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