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The Star Hunters comic book series continued from DC Super Stars #16. Written by David (Amazing Spider-Man) Michelinie & Paul (Legion of Super Heroes) Levitz. Early in the series, it was lavishly illustrated by Don (Batman, Phantom) Newton & Bob (Iron Man) Layton.

"Exiled from Earth by the all-powerful corporation now ruling that planet, they scour the galaxy for the one secret that will enable them to return-- the origin of man in the universe! Led by the roguish soldier of fortune, Donovan Flint, The Star Hunters sail the fabulous starship Sunrider on a cosmic quest of danger, discovery, and unparalleled adventure."

The Star Hunters were infected by the Corporation controlling Earth with a virus which would cause their genes to mutate if they set foot on the planet again without receiving an antidote which the Corporation would only give to them on completion of their mission-to learn the true origins of man. The Corporation also implanted a device in the brain of Star Hunter Mindy Yano which enabled them to periodically download her experiences to them (causing her to have epileptic seizures), making her an unwitting spy.

A near death experience following the destruction of the Sunrider, however, led Donovan Flint to an encounter with an alien known as the Entity which revealed to him that he and his comrades were caught up in an eternal war for control of the multiverse between the forces of light and darkness; the Corporation and their allies, the alien Blood Legion, were the champions of the opposing side (though they were unaware of this) while Flint had been chosen to be the champion of the Sornaii, the Entity's race. Flint took control of the group from Corporation agent Darcy Vale and led the Star Hunters back to Earth in their new ship, the Sunrider II, in an attack on the Corporation, during which Star Hunter Theodore 'Mac' McGavin was killed and Flint himself crash landed on Earth. Flint was left trying to figure out how to get off the planet before he began to mutate.

Whether Flint and his crew succeeded in defeating the Corporation and averting universal chaos is unknown.

DC Super Stars #16
"Part 1: The Farrell Alternative"
"Part 2: Beyond the Solar Rim" 
"Story Behind the Story"
Story continues in Star Hunters #1.

Star Hunters #1
David Michelinie scripts begin. 
Dynamite Rich (Deathlok) Buckler & Bob Layton covers begin.

Continued from DC Super Stars #16.

Star Hunters #2
"The Annihilist Factor"
Larry Hama pencils with Bob Layton inks. 
DC Profile #24 Larry (G.I. Joe) Hama.

Star Hunters #3
"The Sowers of Holocaust"
Illustrated by Mike (Babylon 5) Nasser (Netzer.) 

Star Hunters #4
"First Blood"
Rich Buckler takes over on pencils.

Star Hunters #5
"A Death of Tiny Voices"
DC Profile #33  Mike W. (Camelot 3000) Barr

Star Hunters #6
"Avernus Uprising"
Tom (Vampirella) Sutton inks. 

Star Hunters #7
DC Profiles #41 Ric (Richard Dragon) Estrada

Well, all good things must come to an end, unfortunately so does the Star Hunters. We appreciated the  great talent on the series. Thank you DC - and please come out with a reprint!

Here are some more issues in the fabulous DC Super-Stars series!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!   

Not that's my Huntress, illustrated by Joe Staton!

One of my favorite DC characters - Deadman!

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