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You just never know where Steve Ditko will show up, kind of like Wally Wood. Ditko drew Hal Jordan, as Green Lantern, in Action Comics Weekly #642. Cover by Ross (Metal Men) Andru & Eric (Age of Bronze) Shanower. Other artists include Curt (Superman) Swan, Carmine (Flash) Infantino, Jim (Nightshade) Aparo & Jim (Amazing Spider-Man) Mooney.

Action Comics Weekly #642
"Where There is a Will..Chapter II - The Decline"

Deciding to fight the bad guys instead of dealing with his personal problems, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)  investigates reports of someone stealing fissionable nuclear material. For some reason, his ring is acting erratically. After Green Lantern breaks into a military compound, he is fatally shot by the Major and left for dead. He then sends out green energy - to find a successor.
Written by awesome Elliot S. (Superman) Maggin with art by Steve (Stalker, Creeper) Ditko (pages 5-12) & terrific Art Thibert inks.

By the way, famed Green Lantern artist Gil Kane illustrates the first chapter. Although not shown, Boston Brand (Deadman) is also considered for the role of Green Lantern in this chapter as well!

One of my favorite DC characters - Deadman!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Action Comics Weekly #642 splash page by superstar Gil Kane!
Steve Ditko pin-up of Superman! Cool!

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