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The Hell-Rider was created by writer Gary Friedrich, from Ghost Rider & Sgt. Fury fame. Harry Rosenbaum painted the striking covers. It was a mature-audience magazine not covered by comic books' Comics Code Authority. Friedrich also wrote the co-features, The Butterfly & The Wild Bunch.

Hell-Rider starred the titular vigilante motorcyclist, a Vietnam War veteran, lawyer, and black belt martial artist named Brick Reese. With his tricked-out, flamethrower-equipped bike, and temporary super-strength courtesy of the experimental drug Q-47.

Hell-Rider #1 Australian edition!

Hell-Rider #1   Right On with the Now Super-Hero!
Bios of Ross (Metal Men) Andru and Mike (Menthor) Esposito.
"Introducing...the Hell-Rider"
Origin of Hell-Rider. Hell-Rider battled The Claw, a masked, heroin-smuggling, secret society leader. All of the stories are linked by a common villain, the Claw.
"The Butterfly"
African-American singer/superheroine Marian Michaels, whose costume is equipped with bright lights to blind adversaries, a jet pack for flying, and suction cups for climbing.
Art by John (Twilight Zone) Celardo & Mike Esposito.
"Introducing...The Wild Bunch" 
A rough but basically goodhearted biker gang that Reese (Hell-Rider) had encountered, consisting of leader Animal; Afro-haired Deke; weaselly Slinker; tall, blond Curly and blond biker-babe Ruby.
Art by Dick (Sgt. Fury) Ayers & Syd (Captain America) Shores.

Q & A and motorcycle advice column.

Hell-Rider #2   Right On with the Cycling Superhero!
Bio and photo of Gary Friedrich.
"Night of the Ripper"
Hell-Rider faces a bestial rampager called The Ripper.
"Blood on Their Spokes" 
The Wild Bunch story with art by Syd Shores & Mike Esposito.

"Against the Brothers of the Crimson Cross"
The Butterfly story with art by Rich Buckler. 
"Shanghai 70's Style"
Final appearance of Hell-Rider

The never published, although advertised, third issue would have featured a cover by famed artist Gray (Space: 1999, Starlord) Morrow and a Hell-Rider story entitled ‘The Zodiac Killers’. Too bad, I would have loved to see the painted cover in color.

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  1. Man would I love to get a hold of those Hell-Riders! Ever since I saw it in the Encyclopedia of Super Heroes way back in the '80s.