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How good does it get? With Red Circle's The Comet came along we got great talent. Written by Bill (Thriller) DuBay with art by Carmine (The Flash) Infantino & Alex Nino! This title grabbed me with the Nino artowrk! Fantastic!
Alex Nino has done amazing work on Conan, Hulk, Batman, Thriller, along with man Warren titles and Heavy Metal. I cannot say enough to reflect my admiration of his work.
Other half of the wraparound cover.

This retelling of the Comet’s origin blames his transformation on a lab accident in which Dickering, working with the unstable elements, inhales “the collective residue of a hundred different gases.” Likewise, the colors of the Comet’s Altroxian costume changed slightly without explanation. John Dickering was Hangman's brother and superhero himself.

The Comet #1   Reintroducing a Cosmic Legend! The Blood Thirsty Cosmic Avenger!
 This issue has a wrap around cover by Carmine Infantino & Alex Nino.
"Innocene Lost"
An introduction to the Comet by the editor and writer of the book.
"The Origin of the Comet"
John Dickering and Joe Higgins share an apartment and John tells Joe all about the secret history of the Comet, including the deaths he caused through the use of his powers.
"The Hangman's Noose"
Back up feature also written by Bill DuBay with Carmine Infantino art inked by Rudy Nebres!
Bob Dickering lies dying in a hospital as his son Steve dons the costume to become the new Hangman. Steve wants nothing to do with his father, and goes to avenge the beating of a young boy by a street gang. 

The Comet #2   "I Did It!"
"Family Matters"  
As Steve has more nightmares about the Hangman, Thelma contacts John as Bob is closer to death. The Comet reveals more of his origins and Bob confesses that he abused Steve throughout his life in order to make him stronger. Steve learns that Timmy was beaten by his mother and not a street gang as he previously thought. Steve races across town to stop any more abuse, but is arrested after he batters Mrs. Carpenter's door down. Wanting to show how much he really loves his son, Bob once again dons the Hangman's costume, but is too weak to be of any assistance. John finds him, puts him back in the hospital, and wears the Hangman costume in order to help Steve and get Mrs. Carpenter to confess her abuse. Finally, Bob Dickering passes away.
This issue deals with child abuse as a story springboard. Although Joe Higgins appears in this book, the Shield does not.

This projected six-issue miniseries only got as far as issue #2.

As a side note, DuBay & Nino also worked together on DC Comics Thriller. Good series worth checking out. 
The original Comet, created by Jack (Plastic Man) Cole!

Here comes the gang!
Live Large My Friends!

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  1. I read that Archie balked at Infantino's page rates, thus the early cancellation. What a shame as I like the Archie heroes.