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Dell Comics Superheroes saw Sal Trapani complete the artistic chores through all four issues (although Bill Fraccio may have penciled the series.) 

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From Superheroes #1!

Four youths, Dan, Polly, Tom and Reb, are visiting the Dell Hall of Heroes, a tourist attraction full of waxworks of famous superheroes. They wander into the "Future Room" which contains "the very latest models of superheroes", a group of four experimental androids, El, Polymer Polly, Hy and Crispy, and are looking at them just as there is an electrical explosion in the adjacent building. 

Can the Fab Four Face Up to the Radio Waves of Doom?

Superheroes #4   The End Of The Fab Four! A Fantastic Transformation Into Reality!
"The Hypno-Trap"
The Fab Four stop the theft of nuclear warheads.
The two villains behind the attempted theft of the nuclear warheads set off a bomb which destroys the android bodies of the Superheroes. The androids' powers are transferred directly into the teens.
Note: The Fab Four gain powers in their human forms. 
"Superheroes Meet Mr. Mod"
Our heroes discover that the villains behind the attempted theft are Mr. Mod and Birdie, who use hypnotic waves to control others. 
Note: The Fab Four don new costumes.  
The heroes defeat Mr. Mod and Birdie.

A Turning Point in the Lives of our Fab Four!

I don't care what the critics have to say but I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have. Unfortunately, this was the end of the line for the Superheroes. For me, it would be sweet to see a collection of the Dell Comics superhero comic books of that era. 

New Threads for the Super Heroes!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!  
Will Our Heroes Defeat Mr. Mod & Birdie?

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