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For me, the cover to Mysterious Suspense #1 is what I consider one of Steve Ditko's all time best comic book covers. Next to the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #38, since that was the first comic book I bought, in my much younger years. 

First page from The Question back-up story in Blue Beetle #1.

Originally a back-up feature beginning in The Blue Beetle #1, Vic Sage, the Question, hung on to appear in the Charlton one-shot Mysterious Suspense #1! What a terrific cover, boasting the Return of the Question!

Great DC series highlighting important classic comic books of theirs!

Mysterious Suspense #1 
Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio art.
"Part 1 The Question"
Vic Sage, the Question, links the "soda king" with a racketeer and refuses to accept him as a sponsor. The rest of the network folk go ballistic and try to force Vic to recant. 
"Part 2 What Makes a Hero?"
Sage tries desperately to prove the connection between Kroe and Ord before losing his job.
Written (as D. C. Glanzman) & drawn by Steve Ditko.

Another classic splash page by Steve Ditko!

Mysterious Suspense #1 was reprinted in DC Comics marvelous Millennium Edition series & The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2. The cover was reproduced in The Charlton Portfolio.

Fantastic black & white issue of Mr. A, the independent creation of Steve Ditko. Black & white, befits the subject matter.
A is A. A thing is what it is. No man can have it both ways. Only through black and white principles can man distinguish between good and evil.

Needless to say, The Question was the predecessor to Ditko's Mr. A. At the time, Ditko was not ready to present Mr. A, his most controversial heroic creation. Mr. A's belief was that there can only be good and evil and no moral grey area.

Live Large My Friends!

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The Realm of Steve Ditko - magnificence!

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