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Unfortunately, Space Adventures #41 did not include a Captain Atom story. I don't know why, but we need to jump ahead to issue #42 for the next new adventure of Captain Atom. Alas, this is the last issue featuring Captain Atom although we get to enjoy three Captain Atom stories, with only one illustrated by Steve Ditko. Ditko co-created Captain Atom with prolific writer Joe Gill. 

Back cover for Space Adventures #42.
(More Captain Atom) Space Adventures #42
Steve Ditko cover images taken from "The Silver Lady from Venus." Blue mask and boots coloring used on this issue's cover, but normal mask and boots coloring used on the interiors. Captain Atom's image used for the Space Adventures #12 (1978 series) cover. 
"The Saucer Scare"
Captain Atom challenges a group of UFO attacks.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio.
"They Said He Would Die"
A manned rocket to Jupiter and return had very little chance of success. 
Written by Joe Gill with Bill Molno & Vince Alascia art.
"The Rocket Comes of Age"
History of the rocket. 
Written by Joe Gill with art by Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio.
"The Man in Saturn's Moon"
Captain Atom rescues Andrei Rotov from a rocket that was shot to Saturn, which held a secret for survival of the human race. 
Written by Joe Gill with Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio art.
"The Other Side of the Mirror"
Two page text story.   
"The Silver Lady from Venus"
Captain Atom must stop an alien from Venus from hypnotizing military men into wrecking missiles.
Written by Joe Gill with art by Steve Ditko.
This story reprinted in Strange Suspense Stories #77 Space Adventures #12 (1978 series.) 

Strange Suspense Stories #77 reprinted one story from Space Adventures #42 the classic "The Silver Lady from Venus."
Reworked Ditko cover for Space Adventures #12 (1978 series.)

Beautiful slipcover.
Awesome hardcover.
All three Captain Atom stories in this issue, were reprinted in DC Comics The Action Heroes Archives Volume 1 fine hardcover with gorgeous slipcover. With all the Steve Ditko greatness, I cannot say it enough - Highly Recommended! 

All new, full length adventures of Captain Atom return!!!
Thankfully, new full length adventures of Captain Atom picked up with Captain Atom #78, running through issue #89. Issues #83 & #84 take us through a dramatic change in the life of Captain Atom, as he loses his powers! The numbering for the Captain Atom series continues from Strange Suspense Stories #77. As a side note, Strange Suspense Stories #75 through #77 contained Captain Atom reprints from the earlier Space Adventures (1958) series.

Still my favorite Captain Atom costume.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Stages of the classic Captain Atom costume!


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